Impressive Product Variation and Execution

One thing that sets Lockheed apart? Our unrivaled product offering. Not only are we well-equipped to install a variety of top quality products, we also execute shop drawing, engineering, and fabrication in-house. Fiber cement and composite panels, curtain walls, storefronts, doors, windows, skylights, translucent panels, structural glass, terracotta cladding systems, and more.

Video Library: See Our Projects in Motion

View Lockheed's impressive collection of new construction and renovation projects in motion. Our team prides itself on the quality of our work, so we love showing off the amazing projects our team produces with our valued partners! From schools to dormitories to apartement complexes to casinos to hospitals to office complexes, and more, the skillful execution of our team is on full display.

What Sets Lockheed Apart

Lockheed has the expertise to skillfully execute on a huge variety of project types, always with a focus on quality, reliability, and cost-efficiency. Our innovation, dedication to quality, and extensive product offering are second to none. We can take a project from start to finish, or plug in at any point in a job, whether it be design, engineering, production, fabrication, application, or installation. Rely on us for new construction projects, complex renovations, panel fabrication services, and more.
Lockheed is committed to achieving excellence on each project we work on, providing each one of our customers with top quality materials and execution, a reliable and experienced team to meet and exceed tight timelines, and cost-efficiency through quality product selection and efficient, skillful implementation. With over 65 years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise to meet any project needs, whether it be new construction or renovation.