Terracotta cladding systems offer insulation, protection, energy saving properties, and an aesthetically striking appearance. Terracotta cladding, which is a 100% natural material composed of clay, has the unique ability to give a building the look of exposed brick masonry while ensuring a smoother, more flawless finish. Terracotta cladding systems are also durable, recyclable, weather resistant, and non-flammable, with good acoustic properties. Lockheed Architectural Solutions, Inc.’s highly capable teams work with superior terracotta cladding system products from our premium suppliers to ensure a precise, impeccable installation.

New Construction, Renovations



Lockheed Architectural Solutions, Inc. installs Shildan’s terracotta cladding systems to deliver a superior solution that meets your most demanding project criteria. For enhanced design flexibility, the panels comprising Shildan systems are available in 18 standard colors and a variety of finishes including grooved, brushed, standard, and patinated. Shildan’s sunscreen systems come equipped with a solar protection system to reduce solar radiation, eliminate glare, capture solar heat in the winter, minimize the need for artificial light, and optimize energy efficiency. Advantages of Shildan’s rainscreen systems include sustainability, natural ventilation to eliminate the potential for mold and mildew, weather resistance, and no maintenance.

To learn more about Shildan’s terracotta cladding system solutions, visit the Shildan website.