Lockheed’s Special Projects Division

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Precision Coating | Woonsocket, RI

Lockheed Architectural Solutions, Inc. technicians installed Tubelite Storefront, Old Castle Building Envelope Insulated Glass, Mapes Insulated Panels, and Gavin Associates Louver for the mill building built in 1942. This update replaced old steel windows that were surrounded by asbestos while preserving the history of the building.

Residences at Fort Trumbull | New London, CT

Lockheed Architectural Solutions, Inc. team supplied and installed Mapes Super Lumideck Canopies for residences at Fort Trumbull. This special project, contracted by Callahan Construction Managers, included 1 Post Supported Canopy, 1 Cantilevered Canopy, and 1 Rod & Clevis Supported Canopy.

North Providence High School (NPHS) | North Providence, Rhode Island

Lockheed Architectural Solutions, Inc. technicians removed all existing door leafs at the side entrance and installed eight new doors with insulated glass. The main entrance was also removed and replaced with a new storefront system and four new doors.

Providence Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) | Providence, RI

The Lockheed Architectural Solutions Inc. team removed existing granite panels to prepare the area to receive new aluminum composite panels using the Clip & Caulk Panel System by Laminators, Inc. This special project took 5 months and was conducted by Sole Source Construction.

Fairfield University Pool | Fairfield, CT

Lockheed Architectural Solutions Inc. technicians installed a glass railing system and polycarbonate railing during renovations to the Fairfield University Pool. The glass railing is along the gallery adjacent to the pool, providing spectators a clean and safe area to view events.

Card Vault at Foxwoods Resort Casino | Ledyard, CT

In this project, Lockheed Architectural Solutions, Inc. used ¾” clear laminated glass, which was installed with CR Laurence Sidelite Rails and Headers. The rails and headers were clad with stainless steel to match the existing glass walls previously installed by our team in 2013. This project took about four months of collaboration, and just one week to install.

Shrine Bar at Foxwoods Resort Casino | Ledyard, CT

In this special project, Lockheed Architectural Solutions, Inc. technicians installed a 3/4" clear tempered glass bar divider. This Oldcastle divider was installed using C.R. Laurence glass rail standoffs.

Avalon Bay Glass Fire Pit | Boston, MA

Lockheed Architectural Solutions, Inc. technicians installed 6 pieces of the Oldcastle 1/2" monolithic tempered glass as well as the CR Laurence Taper Loc Glass Railing System that enhanced the look of the community fire pit and added a nice aesthetic touch.