From the people who made them happen

What makes a project memorable in the minds of the people who execute it?

It could be a particular challenge you conquered. Some new skills you developed. Or maybe the sheer size and scope of what you accomplished.

In this section of our website, Lockheed Architectural Solutions, Inc. project managers talk about projects that are particularly memorable for them. Each one is an example of the earnest effort and dedication our customers can expect on a daily basis, from our project managers and their teams.


Essex North Shore Technical High School
Danvers, MA

“This large-scale new construction project required Lockheed Architectural Solutions, Inc. to provide many different materials. Challenging but fun. We furnished and installed the glass curtainwalls, storefronts, vent windows, entrances, interior storefronts, light shelves and exterior sunshade systems.

This very successful project was due in part to excellent coordination between Lockheed Architectural Solutions, Inc. and Gilbane Building Company, the general contractor. Gilbane’s construction expertise gave us the luxury and freedom to pre-fabricate all of the curtain wall and storefront frames. This made for a very streamlined installation, since very little field verification was required. It also saved us a great deal of time, enabling the project to run smoothly and effectively.”

Bedford Labs | Bedford, MA

Bedford Labs
Bedford, MA

“The tight schedule and existing conditions at Bedford Labs required the entire team to think outside the box to blend the original remaining design with a new modern look. Lockheed and Callahan Construction worked together to navigate the unique issues that occur when working on a renovation job. With varying scopes of work, Lockheed’s field was able to show that we do more than just glass. ACM panels, roof screens, stainless steel elevator panels and loading bay facade were all on full display at Bedford Labs.”