Fiber cement panels are composite building materials made of cement reinforced with cellulose fibers and used to cover the exterior of a building. These premium panel systems provide Lockheed Architectural Solutions, Inc. customers with a wide range of benefits, including energy efficiency, non-flammability, high durability, resistance to harsh weather, and no sealing or treatment needed post-installation. The panel systems offered by Lockheed Architectural Solutions, Inc. allow for unlimited variations and combinations sure to create a dynamic design fit for any construction or renovation project. Lockheed Architectural Solutions, Inc. is well-equipped to handle all phases of your project: in-house shop drawing, engineering, fabrication, and installation. Our field teams are trained experts in the installation of all offered façade systems, ensuring a precision fit and an impeccable end result.


Lockheed Architectural Solutions, Inc. is recognized as an authorized fabricator and installer of SVK high-density panels in the United States. In addition to providing the installation of SVK panels, we provide the in-house shop drawing, engineering, and fabrication services for SVK’s Colormat, Decoboard, and Puro Plus façade panels. These panel systems provide a variety of different shape, size, and color options, fitting and enhancing any design.

Eden Park School-6 (1)-opt

Colormat panels are fully solution-dyed and autoclaved after pressing, with colorless impregnation ensuring transparent water and dirt repellent protective coating and giving the façade an atmospheric effect. Available in two standard formats and 13 different hues in four different surfaces per color, there is a Colormat panel for everyone. These all-natural panels are fully tinted with optimal durability and a contemporary, natural look.

New Construction, Renovations

SVK’s Decoboard panels are manufactured using the very best raw materials, finished with 3 coats of UV-resistant acrylic paint, and available in 16 standard, timeless coating colors as well as custom colors including almost all RAL and NCS colors from quantities of 1600sf. Decoboard panels are ideal for optimal durability and quality, easy maintenance, and giving construction projects a contemporary and trendy look.

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Puro Plus

Available in two standard sizes, SVK’s Puro Plus panel is solution-dyed in natural gray, with a lightly sanded surface apt for reflecting nature’s activity. These air-dried panels are not given a coating, allowing variable weather conditions to create an effect of typical and natural shades of gray. Puro Plus panels are purely ecological and ideal for projects seeking a natural appearance to go along with optimal quality.