Structural glass wall systems are frameless assemblies of glass that cover the interior and/or the exterior of the building and support a portion of its structural weight. Lockheed provides the design, engineering, application, and installation of structural glass wall systems and canopies that possess superior thickness and strength for enhanced performance. These systems also allow an ample amount of natural light to illuminate the building, connect the internal and external space, and offer a modern, aesthetic design. At Lockheed, we embrace your most challenging project criteria and provide superior guidance, structural glass products, and execution to ensure we meet your unique construction specifications.



Paragon’s structural glass systems provide Lockheed’s valued customers with a high-performance and aesthetic design solution. With advanced technology, these structural glass systems are apt for regulating heating and cooling to save electricity and meet strict energy requirements. Additionally, the glass can be molded into any shape for increased design flexibility and can withstand the elements without rusting, ensuring a durable solution.

To learn more about Paragon’s structural glass system solutions, visit the Paragon website.


C.R. Laurence Co., Inc.’s structural glass wall systems offer Lockheed’s valued customers with highly efficient, modern design solutions. These systems let in natural light and regulate heating and cooling, allowing you to meet stringent environmental requirements. C.R. Laurence Co., Inc. provides a range of products the Lockheed team works with to customize a durable, aesthetic, and high-performance solution fit for your project.

To learn more about C.R. Laurence Co., Inc.’s structural glass system solutions, visit the C.R, Laurence Co., Inc. website.