The Lockheed team provides the design, engineering, production, fabrication, application, and installation of commercial windows from premium suppliers including EFCO™, Kawneer, Graham Architectural Products, Peerless Architectural Windows and Doors, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®, Winco, Wausau, and Architectural Window Manufacturing Corporation. Lockheed works with a full range of commercial window types, including hung windows, projected windows, horizontal sliding windows, fixed windows, casement windows, tilt-turn windows, horizontal ribbon windows, dual action windows, and more. Rely on our expansive window selection and unmatched expertise to help you find and implement the ideal window product solution for your application.



The Lockheed team offers all of our services for EFCO™ window products. EFCO™ offers our customers a full range of customizable, commercial window systems, whether your project requires operable or fixed windows, single-punched windows, or multi-window configurations. EFCO™ window systems fulfill a wide range of commercial construction applications, offering versatility and a broad selection of frame depths, sightlines, infill thicknesses, and performance ratings sure to meet your need.

To learn more about EFCO™ window solutions, visit the EFCO™ website.


Kawneer window products offer Lockheed customers flexible commercial construction solutions. Our expert team provides all of our services for Kawneer window products, which include thermal hung windows, horizontal sliding windows, casement windows, projected windows, tilt-turn windows, fixed windows, and horizontal ribbon windows. Our customers benefit from options that offer high thermal performance, ease of installation, convenient glass cleaning, and more.

To learn more about Kawneer’s door solutions, visit the Kawneer website.


Lockheed customers benefit from the versatility, durability, and high performance ratings offered by Graham Architectural Products. The Lockheed team provides our full range of services for Graham window products, which include casement windows, dual action windows, fixed windows, horizontal sliding windows, hung windows, and projected windows.

To learn more about Graham Architectural Products window solutions, visit the Graham Architectural Products website.


The Lockheed team offers our full scope of services for Peerless Architectural Windows and Doors window products. Benefits of these products include reliable design, powder coat finishes, acoustic performance, and highly efficient U-Values and Solar Heat Gain Coefficients for increased environmental performance. Peerless window products offer Lockheed customers a variety of frame depths and finishes for casement windows, fixed windows, project in windows, project out windows, single hung windows, horizontal slider windows, and tilt-turn windows.

To learn more about Peerless Architectural Windows and Doors window solutions, visit the Peerless Architectural Windows and Doors website.


The highly skilled Lockheed team is highly knowledgeable when it comes to Wausau’s expansive line of window products, offering our full range of services to implement Wausau window solutions. Wausau offers Lockheed customers a range of window types, including projected, fixed, and casement windows, fit to meet a variety of different applications, including historical preservation, hurricane resistance, ADA accessibility, energy efficiency, and blast hazard mitigation.

To learn more about Wausau window solutions, visit the Wausau website.

New Construction

Lockheed’s highly qualified team provides all of our services for Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®’s window products. Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®, a leader in the engineering and manufacturing of architectural and heavy commercial windows, offers our customers high-performing hung fixed and projected fixed windows fit for any application. Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® provides Lockheed customers with easy-to-install, thermally efficient, and high performance window solution options.

To learn more about Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® window solutions, visit the Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® website.


The Architectural Window Manufacturing Corporation (AWM), offers Lockheed customers a broad range of window products that include double & single hung, horizontal sliding, projected, casement, dual action, acoustical, and fixed windows. Lockheed customers benefit from highly rated products, thermal strut or polyurethane thermal barriers, options for 2-color capability, and various frame depths. Lockheed’s highly qualified team performs our full range of services for AWM’s extensive window product line.

To learn more about Architectural Window Manufacturing Corporation window solutions, visit the Architectural Window Manufacturing Corporation website.

New Construction

Winco window solutions offer Lockheed customers a variety of options for environmental efficiency, historic replication, energy savings, noise control, blast shield protection, wind protection, and more. Lockheed’s expert team will find and customize the ideal window solution for your application, offering our full range of services for Winco’s expansive, high quality line of window products.

To learn more about Winco window solutions, visit the Winco website.