Owner: City of Attleboro | Attleboro, MA

Architect: Kaestle Boos Associates, Inc. | Boston, MA

General Contractor: Consigli Construction Co. | Boston, MA

Owner’s Project Manager: Skanska USA Building, Inc. | Boston, MA

Lockheed Architectural Solutions, Inc. Project Manager: Nelson Mateus

In this project, Lockheed Architectural Solutions, Inc. technicians installed various EFCO products, including storefronts, curtain walls, vents, windows, and screens. Construction spanned the course of three years, and resulted in a beautiful, modern high school that replaced the older, aging one. Safety and security at the school was a major focal point throughout the design and construction process. There was an emphasis on having a single, main entrance with secure internal entrances, with the aim of having strict control over who comes into the school and where they go. The new school also has the resources and facilities to offer 18 different career and technical education programs, such as HVAC, electrical, automotive, plumbing, metal fabrication, cosmetology, and dentistry.


  • EFCO WV430 Project-Out Casement Vents
  • EFCO S403T & S402 Storefront
  • EFCO 5600 Curtain Wall
  • Major Industries Hip Ridge Skylights
  • GKD Metal Fabrics Stainless Steel Fabric Screen
  • Construction Specialists Vertical Sunshades
  • Saftifirst GPX Wall Windows (Fire Rated Frames)