Owner: Town of Darien | Darien, CT

Architect: The S/L/A/M Collaborative | Glastonbury, CT

General Contractor: O&G Industries | Torrington, CT

Lockheed Project Manager: Eric Gregoire

Ox Ridge Elementary School in Darien, Connecticut, has been transformed through a $63 million renovation project, creating a revitalized learning environment for over 500 students. The first phase of the project, completed for the 2022 academic year, introduced the new Academic Wing, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows for natural light and a central courtyard that serves as both a green space and an outdoor amphitheater. The recently completed Assembly Wing, opened for the 2023 calendar year, features a cafeteria, gym, music suite, new playground, ample parking, and a ballfield. Security glazing throughout the building and North American Bulletproof components reinforce entrance security measures, ensuring student and staff safety. The school’s new facilities will undoubtedly play a significant role in fostering academic growth and community among students, staff, and families.


  • 215 sq ft Centria IW-10 Series Concealed Fastener Panels
  • 5,700 sq ft Centria IW-14 Series Concealed Fastener Panels
  • 2,100 sq ft Centria Style-Rib Ecoscreen Perforated Screen Wall
  • 1,400 sq ft Centria Intercept Entyre Modular Wall Panels
  • 6,000 sq ft ACS Wall System
  • 1,250 sq ft Longboard 4” V-Groove Metal Soffit Panels
  • 1 North American Bulletproof Door & Frame
  • 1 North American Bulletproof Transaction Window
  • 7,500 sq ft EFCO 433T Exterior Storefront System
  • 1,300 sq ft EFCO 402 Interior Storefront System
  • 5 Single and 25 Pairs EFCO D518 Heavy Duty Entrance Doors
  • 9,900 sq ft EFCO 5600 Thermal Curtain Wall System
  • 880 sq ft EFCO E-Lite Interior Light Shelves
  • 2 Vetrotech Fire Rated Glazed Curtain Wall & Entrances
  • 68 EFCO WV-430 Project-Out Vents
  • 14,600 sq ft Guardian SN-68 Low-E Insulated Glass
  • 5,500 sq ft OldCastle ArmorGarde Laminated Security Glass
  • 170 sq ft Solyx Dual Misty Frost Decorative Glazing Film
  • 3,230 sq ft Llumar Safety & Security Glazing Film