New Construction, Renovations


Owner: Town of Stoughton | Stoughton, MA

Architect: Finegold Alexander Architects | Boston, MA

General Contractor: M. O’Connor Contracting Inc. | Roxbury, MA

This public library included new construction and renovation work around the façade. It was a construction challenge as Lockheed Architectural Solutions, Inc. provided all the framing materials and windows while another vendor was responsible for the glass within the framing. The front of the building underwent a full redesign while the back of the building maintained the masonry openings for new framing. They used tall storefronts around the building to allow a lot of light into the space and used (3) 100’ long adjustable sunshades across the front of the building to control the allowable light while giving patrons a clear view of the nature park across the street. Although the footprint of this building is small, the designers took advantage of the existing split-level design to get light into the space with the multiple clerestory accents.


  • 2220 square feet of EFCO 433 Front-Set Storefront Framing
  • 2300 square feet of EFCO 5600 Curtain Wall Framing
  • 19 EFCO WV410 SSG Project-Out Windows
  • 4 Pairs of EFCO D502 ThermaStile Wide Stile Aluminum Doors
  • 300 linear feet of Industrial Louvers, Inc. FA-Series Sunshades
  • 12 Frames of RACO Solutions II Borrowed Lites (interior framing)