New Construction, Renovations


Owner: Town of Stoughton | Stoughton, MA

Architect: Finegold Alexander Architects | Boston, MA

General Contractor: M. O’Connor Contracting Inc. | Roxbury, MA

This public library included new construction and renovation work around the façade. It was a construction challenge as Lockheed provided all the framing materials and windows while another vendor was responsible for the glass within the framing. The front of the building underwent a full redesign while the back of the building maintained the masonry openings for new framing. They used tall storefronts around the building to allow a lot of light into the space and used (3) 100’ long adjustable sunshades across the front of the building to control the allowable light while giving patrons a clear view of the nature park across the street. Although the footprint of this building is small, the designers took advantage of the existing split-level design to get light into the space with the multiple clerestory accents.


  • 2220 square feet of EFCO 433 Front-Set Storefront Framing
  • 2300 square feet of EFCO 5600 Curtain Wall Framing
  • 19 EFCO WV410 SSG Project-Out Windows
  • 4 Pairs of EFCO D502 ThermaStile Wide Stile Aluminum Doors
  • 300 linear feet of Industrial Louvers, Inc. FA-Series Sunshades
  • 12 Frames of RACO Solutions II Borrowed Lites (interior framing)